About DAS Umbrella

Here at DAS Umbrella, we aim to build up market-leading e-commerce companies across South East Asia. Managing profitable businesses across numerous different industries with 7-figure to 8-figure revenues in less than 2 years we are good at what we do.

Identify Industries

Using a proven formula that we have developed, we identify industries where there are significant opportunities for disruption and growth.

Rethink & Re-Conceptualize

Our teams rethink the way of operating to bring innovative, disruptive marketing and operating methods into traditional industries.

Growth Hacking Expertise

We work with established brands to reinvent businesses, disrupt industries and provide exponential growth.

Market Leading Companies in Multiple Industries

With a combined 8-figure revenue in multiple industries achieved in less than 2 years, we take pride in being able to achieve some of the biggest revenues of e-commerce companies in Singapore in the shortest time.

If you share our same desires to disrupt industries and provide exponential growth, connect with us!

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