Branding & PR Intern

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey into the heart of branding and PR, where the secrets of influencer sponsorship and insider knowledge await you?

You will be crafting compelling stories, and leaving an indelible mark on the way the world perceives brands.

Picture yourself diving into the dynamic realm of brand partnerships, understanding the true value influencers bring to the table, and gaining insights that will set you apart in the world of communications and marketing.

Job Synopsis:  Our Branding & PR Internship is your backstage pass to the fascinating world of influencer partnerships, brand sponsorships, and the strategic art of communications. As an intern, you’ll unravel the mysteries of influencer pricing, sponsorship dynamics, and the delicate dance between brands and influential personalities.

What you will learn:
  1. Influencer Pricing Strategies: Gain insights into how influencers determine their charges, the factors influencing their rates, and the art of negotiating fair partnerships.

  2. Brand-Influencer Dynamics: Understand the intricate relationship between brands and influencers, how collaborations are forged, and the mutual benefits they bring to each other.

  3. Sponsorship ROI Analysis: Learn to assess the return on investment (ROI) for sponsorships and how brands measure the success of their partnerships with influencers.

  4. Navigating Legal and Ethical Boundaries: Explore the legal and ethical aspects of influencer marketing, including disclosure guidelines, contractual agreements, and best practices.

Learn from the best:

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the mentorship of our seasoned marketers. Learn from their experiences and gain invaluable insights that will shape your future career.

  • Hands-on Learning: Immerse yourself in real-world projects, gaining practical experience in influencer relations, sponsorship negotiations, and campaign management.

  • Insider Access: Gain access to insider information and networks, expanding your knowledge of the industry and empowering you to make informed decisions in your career.

  • Global Network: Connect with professionals, influencers, and industry experts on a global scale, establishing relationships that could define your journey in the world of branding and PR.


  • Self-learner, ambitious, good attitude, excited by challenges
  • Passionate about business, strategy & personal-growth
  • Passionate about marketing/business or interested to learn
  • Resourceful critical thinker to resolve challenges
  • Good team player with ability to interact with all levels
  • Be detail oriented and organised
  • Bright individuals!


  • $1000 – $1200

Other details

  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday (Flexible Working Hours)
  • Location: Vertex Building (UBI)
  • Internship Allowance: From SGD 1k onwards

Any Questions? 

In our commitment to finding the best talents in Singapore, our hiring department can be reached over email at

You can contact us anytime, but we will only respond during office hours. Alternatively, you can also contact us through the form below.

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    Our Promise to You


    Lots of Learning.

    You will be exposed to high-level business strategy, SEM, SEO, Paid Ads, Operational Strategy, Market Analysis, Competitor Analysis & much more.

    No experience in these areas? Don't worry. We value attitude over experience.

    We'll teach you everything you need to know!

    Featuring our office cat, Tobi Gamatoto.


    Fast Career Progression

    We believe in giving exceptional people a chance to prove themselves.

    The opportunities are endless in a company that is expanding as quickly as ours.

    Come with an open mind and you will rise mind-blowingly-quick, as have the rest of us.


    Meaningful Work

    In many MNCs you are a cog in the machine. Your work scope is narrow and you need to serve your time before moving on to something more meaningful, spending at least a year in each position.

    Not at DAS - you'll hit the ground running from day 1


    A Dynamic Environment

    Here at DAS we believe in bigger, faster, better, smarter.

    You will be part of an environment that is always thinking and dreaming big - and turning vision into reality. It's been working so far - and it will continue to do so.

    When you're competing across 20 industries, in 5 different countries, no 2 days are the same.


    Fun, Young Culture

    Our philosophy is to hire really bright young people, give them the tools they need to succeed, and get out of their way as much as possible.

    Our culture is always aiming higher. We try to come up with the BEST ads, VIRAL marketing, and the BEST strategies.

    We like to win here, and we like to do it together, as a team. We love what we do and you will feel it when you join us.


    Inspiring Colleagues

    At DAS we are all about excellence. We only like working with the best - because we want to learn from the best.

    Here - you will work with amazing people who inspire you to be better and help you fulfill your highest potential.


    Maximum Support

    At DAS we will give you all the resources you need for all your out-of-this-world ideas. Big budget video? No problem. Crazy ad idea that no one's seen before? No problem.

    We will test everything worth testing and we'll go by the data - as always.

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    What we Value

    1. Passion

      We don't dread work - we like it. It's meaningful. We've got big goals and we are determined to achieve them

    2. Excellence

      Excellence here is expected. We are professional, we are rigorous, we are creative - and this is what makes us successful

    3. Dreaming Big

      Pessimism isn't our thing. You can only achieve what you believe is possible - so you better dream big

    4. Hunger to Learn

      No one here ever "makes it", no here ever stops learning. Without hunger to learn no one can achieve their full potential. And achieving our maximum potential is what we're all about

    5. Pushing the Boundaries

      We do things in a fraction of the time that intelligent people say is possible. We are always aiming higher than everyone else - it takes some getting used to but it's thrilling once you adapt!

    6. Those that go above and beyond for the Community

      Here the team exceeds the individual. We expect everyone to be selfless & work toward the greater good. We work for each other at DAS