Are you in any of these situation?

1. Your Business have been constantly making a loss
2. You tried all ways to improve your business model but to no avail
3. You have a great idea but do not know how to implement it the right way

If your answer is yes, this brings us to:

We provide you these sOLUTIONS:

acquisitions | buyouts | mergers | investments


DAS Umbrella is always on the lookout for companies with potential for a huge growth via e-commerce or hold specific advantages in various industries. We solve inefficient operations with a 100% profit return as we are good at what we do. We also invest in companies that have particular synergy with our business operations. 

our expertise


Despite our competencies in growth and marketing, we do not take digital marketing clients. At DAS Umbrella , we’re here to provide extreme value in the form of exponential growth through mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe that greater value can be achieved when partnerships are exclusive and close. We have a reputation for helping traditional, established companies reinvent and achieve exponential growth through an innovative way of operating.