IDENTIFYING industries

Using a proven formula, we identify industries where there are significant opportunities for disruption and growth.


rethink Reconceptualize

Our team rethinks the way of operating, bringing innovative, disruptive marketing and operating methods into old industries.


growth Hacking & consultancy

We work with established brands to reinvent businesses, disrupt industries and provide exponential growth.

Our companies

Market Leading Companies in Multiple Industries

With a combined 8-figure revenue in multiple industries achieved in less than 2 years, we take pride in being able to achieve some of the biggest revenues of e-commerce companies in Singapore in the shortest time.

Our Expertise

Uncovering Opportunities

Identifying Industries

We have developed very specific processes that enable us to spot opportunities in different industries ripe for disruption through e-commerce. 

Forming Exclusive Partnerships

By leveraging on our expertise to scale companies extremely quickly, we form exclusive partnerships with key players in the industry to achieve a common vision. 

Market Testing & Research

In every industry, we aim to create a unique brand and products to market in a way that hasn’t been done before. We test each market with our own methodology.

Growth Hacking & Branding

Hypergrowth through Growth Hacking

Unlike traditional organizations, we don’t accept growth rates of 10-20% a year. A typical company we work on will achieve growth rates in the range of 1000-5000% a year. 

Using our proprietary strategies, we believe that every company in any industry can be grown at huge paces, only limited by our creativity, imagination and execution.

Growth Hacking Through SeO 

With our own proprietary methods of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are able to produce market-dominant ranking positions in extremely quick time periods.

Hyper-Scaling Ad Campaigns

Using our proprietary methods of social media marketing, we hyperscale ad campaigns and push the limits of social media marketing.

Branding & reputation

While going for huge growth rates, we maintain a strong focus on creating great products that our customers love. This helps create long term sustainability.

Operations & Logistics

At Delivery Holdings, we understand the difficulties that most companies face when it comes to logistics and delivery. We have a deep focus on creating logistical networks and expertise to enable us to support our businesses as they grow exponentially.

Operation support

By leveraging on our extensive network and experience in operations and logistics, we help companies scale locally and regionally.

Logistical synergy

By combining logistics for multiple companies, we’re able to create cutting-edge cost efficiencies and reliability.

In-house Expertise

Strong connections and in-house expertise at managing large-scale deliveries enable our businesses to grow big quick.

Investment & Growth Hacking Consultancy

Investing in Valued Partners

Delivery Holdings also invests in companies that have particular synergy with our operations. We are always looking out for companies that hold specific advantages in multiple industries.

Growth Hacking consultancy

Delivery Holdings also provides growth hacking consultancy to companies. However, such consultancy is only done exclusively to 1 partner in every industry. 

Buyouts, mergers & ACquisitions

Delivery Holdings is always on the lookout for companies that are operating inefficiently, or with huge growth potential via e-commerce.


We offer you a great space to work: a place where you can seize opportunities, take initiative and have a real impact.


Director People Operations



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Open Positions (Available)


Full Time Photographer / Videographer 

Join our amazing team and use your photography and videography experience to help us market our products! 

Camera and Equipment Provided


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Digital Business Strategist / Growth Hacker (Business/Marketing)

Join our amazing team to help market through our proprietary methods, not used anywhere else. Achieve unimaginable growth rates in an exciting, dynamic work environment .


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Filled Positions (Unavailable)


Business Intelligence
Help companies steer their way to success by providing research data from the various operational systems merged together.
Business Services
Imagine the work-environment of tomorrow and make it happen. Implement systems and services, manage facilities and coordinate organisational activities for Delivery Holdings.
Product Management
Build and optimize products to provide exceptional customer value. Co-ordinate cross-functional tasks to take ideas from the point of conception to the creation of the best user experiences.

Our Partners Only Policy

We are the only digital marketing company in Singapore which doesn’t take clients. Despite our competencies in growth and marketing, we do not take digital marketing clients. 

At Delivery Holdings, we’re here to provide extreme value in the form of exponential growth through mutually beneficial partnerships. We believe that greater value can be achieved when partnerships are exclusive and close. Because we value each and every of us partners, we only take up partnerships when we feel that we can disrupt the industry through an innovative way of operating.

We have a reputation for helping traditional, established companies reinvent and achieve exponential growth through exclusive partnerships.

Companies looking to work with us can contact us via e-mail at