Our Expertise

Unlike traditional organizations, we don’t accept growth rates of 10-20% a year. A typical company we work on will achieve growth rates in the range of 1000-5000% a year. 

Using our proprietary strategies, we believe that every company in any industry can be grown at huge paces, only limited by our creativity, imagination and execution.

Growth Hacking Through SeO 

We developed a proprietary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) method to produce market-dominant ranking positions in extremely quick time periods.

Hyper-Scaling Ad Campaigns

Rapidly increasing business performances when we hyper-scale advertisement campaigns and push the limits of social media marketing.

Branding & reputation

While aiming for huge growth rates, we also strongly believe in creating great products that our customers will love to create long term sustainability.

Identifying Industries

We have developed very specific processes that enables us to uncover opportunities in different industries ripe for disruption through e-commerce. 

Exclusive Partnerships

With our expertise to scale companies extremely quickly, we only form exclusive partnerships with key players in the industry to achieve a common vision. 

Market Testing & Research

We test each market with our proven methodology. In every industry, we aim to create unique brands and products and market it in a way that has never been done before.

Operation support

By leveraging on our extensive network and experience in operations and logistics, we scale companies locally and regionally.

Logistical synergy

We are able to create cost cutting efficiencies with higher reliability by combining the logistics for multiple companies with operational synergy. 

In-house Expertise

With strong connections and in-house expertise at managing large-scale deliveries, it enables our businesses to grow at an exponential rate.

Buyouts, mergers & ACquisitions

DAS Umbrella is constantly on the lookout for companies that are operating inefficiently or with huge growth potential via e-commerce.

 Investing in Valued Partners

We only invest in companies that have particular synergy with our operations. We partner with valued companies that hold specific advantages in industries.

Growth Hacking consultancy

We are also open to provide growth hacking consultancy to companies – exclusively to ONE partner in every industry & only in exchange of shares.

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