It’s simple.

We are e-commerce specialists.

We build brands

In just 2 years we have launched 8 e-commerce businesses with a combined
8-figure revenue in 2020

We drive Innovation

Our aim is always to shake up any industry we go into – by offering superior strategies & superior value to our customers

We create Experiences

We create experiences for thousands of customers worldwide – always focusing on a creating superior customer journey


Growth Hacking & Branding

Growth Hacking through SEO | Hyper-Scaling Ad Campaigns | Branding & Reputation

Unlike traditional organizations, we don’t accept growth rates of 10-20% a year. A typical company we work on will achieve growth rates in the range of 1000-5000% a year. Using our proprietary strategies, we know that every company in any industry can undergo hypergrowth and is only limited by our creativity, imagination and execution.

Investment & Uncovering Opportunities

Investing in Valued Partners | Identifying Industries & Market Research | Exclusive Partnerships

We have developed specific processes that enable us to spot opportunities in different industries ripe for disruption through e-commerce. By leveraging on our expertise to scale companies rapidly, we form exclusive partnerships with key players to achieve a common vision. We are also always on the look out to invest in companies that have a synergy with our operations.

Operations & Logistics

Operation Support | Logistical Synergy | In-House Expertise

Operations and logistics is a key cornerstone of any successful e-commerce business and can easily become a competitive advantage.  We have a deep focus on upgrading our own logistics network in tandem with our marketing department – so that it can support our businesses as they grow exponentially.

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