Our Cultural Values & Beliefs


The Growth Mindset

Every single one of our members has the growth mindset and so we’re always looking to improve ourselves. We get excited by challenges and potential, we like to aim high, love to solve problems and are always looking to add value in everything we do. We never think our target is too high, but instead look at how we can improve ourselves and our strategy to achieve it

A Young, Professional Sports Team

This is how we view ourselves – a team trying to win the equivalent of the business world cup. In order to do so, we’ll need star players in every position, players that can pull their own weight and take us to the next level, so we’re always looking for other stellar members to join our high-performance team¬†

Freedom & Responsibility

As businesses get larger, they become encumbered by too many processes, too much bureacraucy. And so MNCs often end up becoming big and slow – far too slow to react when the industry or market changes. Which is why we prefer to work with top quality players that we can give lots of freedom and responsibility to – allowing us to minimize processes, stay agile and stay competitive

Passion for Business & Marketing

You can’t be good at what you do unless you love something about it. Our community loves business and loves marketing. We like to look at our competition regularly to learn from what they do, and keep ourselves updated on the latest trends by reading and learning online

Obsessively customer-centric

We understand that whichever business manages to best fulfill people’s wants and needs is the one that deserves to win. The only real way to make a positive impact, is to add more value to customers’ lives with your brand than competitors can – and that’s what we always strive to do

Smaller Businesses can outplay Larger Ones

We understand that smaller brands with less resources are able to outmaneuver and eat up much larger and better-financed brands – but only with superior thinking and strategy. In the spirit of Sun Tzu’s Art of War, we are always looking to out-think and out-play our competition

If the above resonates with you…

An Invitation to all open & bright minds

At DAS Umbrella we are growing and expanding rapidly.

In less than 4 years, we've launched 8 businesses earning min. 7 figures each.

If this excites you - join us. Become part of our clan culture, meet bright like-minded individuals and conquer the world of e-commerce with us