DAS was founded in 2019 with minimal funds and a small team

The purpose back then was just to build a successful business that added value to society – whatever it took. And to that end, on one of our first businesses, we stumbled upon e-commerce. The time was right, and so we picked it up fast and developed one of our main competitive strengths today

Approaching business like gamers and curious scientists

We’ve always believed in fast and meaningful experimentation for the best results and so we fight hard to stop our cognitive biases from fooling us. We do our best to think unconventionally, test things, break them, look at the results,  learn from them – and we’ve been learning ever since.

Over the past years ……

More and more businesses were founded, both locally and overseas. With a success rate of over 90%, we knew we were onto something big. We launched food, product and service businesses, moved fast from industry to industry, and learnt even faster – constantly evolving our techniques in the realm of e-commerce

And now, DAS has evolved into a successful e-commerce incubator

We’ve developed a platform to launch successful businesses, and are constantly improving our capacity to do so. And above all, we are now on a mission to virtualize business end-to-end, refine our formula to build world-class brands and gamify e-commerce as we continue to expand internationally from our headquarters in Singapore

An Invitation to all open & bright minds

At DAS Umbrella we are growing and expanding rapidly.

In less than 4 years, we've launched 8 businesses earning min. 7 figures each.

If this excites you - join us. Become part of our clan culture, meet bright like-minded individuals and conquer the world of e-commerce with us